2013 Annual Report

Stepping Up

At some point in your life, you've been called upon to "step up" to help someone in need. Often, it is a small gesture.

Maybe you're simply opening the door for an elderly neighbor at the grocery store. Or maybe you're bringing in canned goods for the company food drive. No matter how small the effort or the sacrifice, you are stepping up to make a difference in someone's life.

Just by engaging with the St. Louis Area Foodbank and taking the time to read this annual report, you are stepping up to the challenge of improving our community.

The families featured in our report are not just food pantry clients. They are people just like you who have taken extraordinary measures to "step up" and care for their loved ones, without concern for their own sacrifices.

As you read these stories, we hope you'll recognize that in the big moments of selflessness, and even in the smallest ones, we are changing our world for the better.


Our Stories